Josi (O-Josi-O) (eris_devotee) wrote,
Josi (O-Josi-O)

Art of Crochet is a collection of crochet couture patterns that will knock your socks right off
(and give you the chance to stitch them back on again).

Sexy patterns with instructions for sizes 0-26 and full-color photography set in fabulous downtown Chicago, this book is visually lush and fashion forward. Detailed instructions remove all guesswork and contrasting examples encourage the designer in you.

This website was designed to spoil you, and change how patterns are published.
  • The Pattern Generator takes your measurements and turns them into patterns tailored exactly to you -- with no extra numbers to circle or row counts to fiddle with.

  • Video Stitch Guides for every single stitch used in the patterns.

  • Photo Gallery with hundreds of extra photos, so you can see the exact fit and drape (as well as outtakes and bloopers to tickle your funny bone).
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