Josi (O-Josi-O) (eris_devotee) wrote,
Josi (O-Josi-O)

My eye surgery did nothing to improve my vision. I will need at least 2 more muscle surgeries. The surgeon said it was the worst she's ever seen, and my eye muscles are so bunched/swollen/tight that she can only do so much with each surgery - they have to be stretched and loosened but only so much can be done at once.

I am in a lot of pain. My eye muscles keep cramping. Turning my eyes sends pain up into my head and all the way down to my neck.

Ibuprofen was helping but now I have a GI bleed, so it's back to the nearly useless tylenol.

I'm feeling grim. All this trouble and pain for no noticeable improvement, and several surgeries ahead.
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