Josi (O-Josi-O) (eris_devotee) wrote,
Josi (O-Josi-O)

Next surgery is November 14th. It's been moved up because the previous surgery caused changes in position that have severely irritated the muscles that were not worked on. The doctor called the vessels in my eyes "angry".

I see neuro-ophthalmology on Friday and get more news about rituximab.

But I'm sorta worried about that exam, which is mostly of the optic nerves. I have gotten worse. At this point, my option would be IV steroids and a hospital stay until stabilized.

I have to call my mom. I can't just ignore her. And I don't know what is best. If I told her "it's over" she'd respect it without saying anything but goodbye. Maybe knowing that is part of why it all sucks. But anything more and I'd have to deal with her tears.

Whatever. I can't waste anything on that right now. My health issues are as much as I can handle. And right now, at noon-ish, it's time for bed.
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